China Manufacturer Health Care Ozone Generator Air Purifier

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Basic Info.

Model NO.
Water Purification Efficacy
Not Straight Drink
Water Temperature
Cold, Warm & Hot
Descaling Function
Without Descaling Function
Pipe Design Rate
Product Name
Water Ozonator
Rated Voltage
AC220V 50Hz or AC110V 60Hz
Rated Power
Net Weight
Transport Package
CE RoHS FCC certificates
HS Code
Production Capacity

Product Description

Portable Air and Water Ozone Generator for Home Use (3188)

China Manufacturer Health Care Ozone Generator Air Purifier
China Manufacturer Health Care Ozone Generator Air Purifier
Model No.GL-3188
1. specification:
1) Rate Voltage AC230V~50 Hz
2) Power 20W
3) Ozone output  200mg/h
4) Timr  5, 10,15,20,25,30min
5) Dimensions  234*196*65mm
6) Net weight  0.88kg
7) Color   siliver
8) Materials  ABS
1 Agriculture chemical detoxification for fruit and vegetable: kill bacteria, keep fresh, eliminate bad smell and reduce hormone.
2 Skin care beauty: activation  of skin cells , speckle removing ,prevention of halitosis and tooth cavities ,skin disease and so on.
3. Water purifier : water treatment ,decoloring , odor removal.
4 Air purifier : kill bacteria ,disinfecting ,eliminate bad odor ,especially in household and office area.
5 Manual rotate system and automatic system with digital timing can be  chosen ,
6 The color of machine can be customized.
Per Ctn:10pcs
Master ctn size420*310*470mm
China Manufacturer Health Care Ozone Generator Air Purifier
China Manufacturer Health Care Ozone Generator Air Purifier

China Manufacturer Health Care Ozone Generator Air Purifier

1. (GL-3188)LCD display, digital timing, five minutes difference for each press on the timer button, that is 5mins more and less when you turn the switch to "+" and "-" direction, maximum staying time can reach 30mins
2. Agriculture chemical detoxification for fruit and vegetable
3. Air purify: Kill virus and detoxification, prevent infective decease; Remove the dust and odor to purify the air and make your indoor living circumstance forest like
4. Remove odor: Dispel the odor of toilet, refrigerator, wardrobe and pet housing and so on.
5. Children stuff purify: Kill virus and purify the children stuff and assure the sanitary and healthy
6. Cook tool and dishware detoxification: Kill virus and detoxification, assure safe and healthy.
7. Underwear and towel detoxification: Kill virus and detoxification on the commodity, keep sanitary and healthy.
8. It's used for washing face and brushing teeth: Skin care, alleviate aging, keep mouth clean, and prevent decease.
9. Virus killing and detoxification of fish jar: Kill virus and detoxification, break up the impurity substance, increase the oxygen density and prevent aquatic decease and reduce the water change frequency.
10. Pet detoxification: Remove odor from pet, prevent parasite and remove odor.

Maximum power:  20W
Working Voltage:  200V-240/50,60Hz  100-120V/60Hz
Ozone output: 400mg/h or 600mg/h
Timing: 5' , 10' , 15' , 20' , 25' ,30' mins
Net weight:  0.88KG
Dimension (mm): 234*196*65mm

Apply Area Time Benefits of ozone
Agriculture chemical detoxification for fruit and vegetable 10 to 20 mins Kill Virus ,decompose remained agrochemical,fertilizer and so on,prevent from chronic poisoning,prolong food storage time.
Skin protection and beauty 20 to 30mins Ozone water can remove the bacterial and feculence inside the face pore,increase the respiration ,promote the metabolism. It can also help remove the cosmetic remains.
Hand and feet  20 to 30mins 1. Keep hands away from the bacteria 
2. Kill the epiphyte and ensure no infection
Washing Wash cloth, deodorize and bleaching 5-10 mins Ozone water can effectively bleach the cloth,kill bacteria and deodorize. This can save water.
Teeth Brushing  10-15 mins 1. Ozone water can kill the becteria in the mouth ,remove halitosis and smoking smell.
2. Effectively reduce the pain when brush teeth.Has aid to cure teeth ,mouth and fauces decease
3. Help to cure abscess.
Baby products and toys 10 to 15 mins Clean and sterilize baby products such as feeder, dishware, toys
China Manufacturer Health Care Ozone Generator Air Purifier

Master carton dimensions (L x W x H): 420*310*490mm
N. W.: 10kg
G. W.: 13kg

Qty/20' FCL: 4390pcs
Qty/40' FCL: 7520pcs
Qty/40' HQ: 8000pcs

scope of application:
Used in hotel, school bus, car, restaurants, entertainment, wet area, meeting rooms,production workshop, living room, kitchen, bathroom, office building, the bedroom, coffee shop, bar, cafe, KTV room, cinema, collective dormitory, train, the terminal, waiting room, the dressing room, laboratory, warehouse, the city chicken farm animal breeding new factory, decorate office or business place, such as office buildings, hotels, stores and exhibition hall and other new decorated top-grade residential area.

Water Ozonator Function: 
Fruits ,vegetables,Fish and meat washing and Food preservation,Skin care ,Tableware washing,Water treatment,Bathing,Laundry,Children's articles,Refrigerator deodorization,Oral hygiene.
China Manufacturer Health Care Ozone Generator Air Purifier

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